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Welcome to we have been doling out cash for cars since 2000. If you are here because you have a car to sell then you are at the right place. We offer the easiest way to unload your unwanted car. All you need to do is call us at 1(800) 699-9979 and we will handle the rest.


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Here is how it works


You may ask yourself why are we buying cars and where are they going?

Its simple, we are a large volume dealer and wholesaler of cars. We buy cars wherever we can find them and oftentimes its from everyday people like you. The cars we buy are r subsequently reconditioned, sold and back on the streets. Some people are looking for cash while others are seeking a car, our job is finding and fufilling these needs for the individuals who want them. We are providing a service that plays a small part in keeping the economy flowing by allowing people to liquidate their car for money which will be recirculated back into the economy.

You can always sell your car without the aid of or the multitude of other cash for car websites on the net. Selling the car yourself may be a great option for some people. It really depends on the situation you find yourself in.

If you are fine with playing the waiting game indefinetly untill your car is sold then selling it yourself is a good option. Howver you are busy and time is money, the time you spend showing your car to customers and dealing with the paperwork and other hassles may be too costly. Our service is not for everyone the same way everyone doesnt hire a maid or an accountant. To those who would like to sell their car expediently with maximum payoff is here for you!


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